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4 Best Ways to Update Your Computer Work After Updating Windows

Do you find that your computer is too distracting? Drivers available on Windows Update will be downloaded to your PC as they become available, which could cause unexpected configuration changes. Set up security questions to avoid losing access to your local account in case you forget your password. The setting for enabling palm rejection on Windows 10 isn’t labelled as such even though that’s the commonly used to term for this type of setting when you configure graphics tablets.

Go to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Power Management\Power Throttling Settings. To get access to all the information and options, in the Settings app, go back to the Storage section from the System category. The ‘Show notifications for‘ option has a drop-down menu. The Your Phone app routes these calls over Bluetooth, so pairing the two devices is a must for the feature to work. Scroll down the Settings screen to the Calls section and turn on the switch to Allow This App To Make And Manage Calls From My Phone (Figure D).

Right-click on your computer icon and choose Device installation settings” from the menu which appears. Then scroll down and click on the words Pick the apps you want notifications from.” A list of apps will appear, and you can toggle off any that duplicate notifications your PC already gives you. When it comes to convertible PCs and tablets with Windows 10 operating system, sometimes you wish to stop automatic rotation features on these devices.

Touch screens are a staple of modern computing, but not every laptop has one. Starting with the Creators Update , Microsoft now allows you to define up to 18 hours of each day as off limits” and prevent automatic restarts during those hours. Let’s take a look at different ways to lock down user accounts in Windows 10. Files are not removed until you click the Remove Files” button. A smaller change can be found in the Settings app, specifically rld.dll is missing from your computer in System -> About.

Select the Scope tab in the larger right hand pane, and under the Security Filtering section, remove the Authenticated Users group and add the WSUS_Servers_Ring1 group we created earlier. Anytime colors are written as a tuple in PySimpleGUI, the way to figure out which color is the background is to replace the "," with the word "on". In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to prevent users from changing the current desktop background using the Local Group Policy Editor and Registry Editor.

If you want to stop these notifications, you can either disable them from your Settings or sign out before you close the app. This post tells you how to prevent Disk Cleanup and the modern Storage Sense tools from clearing files in your Downloads folder. On Windows 10, when a new update installs, you get a notification letting you know that your device will restart automatically outside of your "active hours" to apply the new changes, and as needed, you can always reschedule a restart using the Windows Update settings.

Set the number of minutes before a scheduled auto-restart to warn users. An optional server name value can be specified to configure Windows Update Agent to download updates from an alternate download server instead of the intranet update service. When DLL files are damaged due to faulty hardware: malfunctioning memory, faulty hard disk drives, application problems, or corrupt registry, it can lead to DLL errors.

In Windows 10 build 16176, Microsoft leveraged modern silicon capabilities to run background work in a power-efficient manner, thereby enhancing battery life significantly while still giving users access to powerful multitasking capabilities of Windows. You can use a CODEOWNERS file to specify users or shared groups that are responsible for specific files and directories in a repository. Few days ago a colleague on mine contacted me and asked if I can publish a post on setting up WSUS on Windows Server 2019.