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However, scientists agree that such a set of signs can only express an extremely limited set of meanings… it is only one, though the most important means of communication through visible signs. Gestures such as a raised hand of greeting or a wink of intimate agreement are visible signs, but they do not write or transcribe the language form. Similarly, images can represent events, but they do not represent language and are therefore not a form of writing. For a discussion of the study of writing as a tool for historical research, see Epigraphy and paleography..

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Ambiguous systems

For details on specific systems not covered below, see Hieroglyphic and pictography. The earliest writing system came from Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), where, according to archaeologist Denise Schmandt-Besser, curly clay tokens were used for accounting purposes.. .

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Being illiterate no longer means being ignorant. designation system, a system for presenting a semiotic system.

These poems were written by bards who did not know how to write, and with concerts were read to the public, who could not read.. made it possible to write these poems, not to compose them. The hard and fast dividing line that puts civilization and literacy on one side and savagery and irrationality on the other was left..“is the process of using symbols to convey thoughts and ideas in a readable form. Long-considered examples of literary virtuosity, Homer’s epic poems are in fact the fruit of oral rather than literary tradition…

Later, these symbols became two-dimensional pictographic signs, which are still used mainly for accounting purposes (around 3500-3000 BC). Around 3000 BC. E.., recommendation-11 / began to imitate spoken language and spread beyond accounting. Writing can be defined as any generally accepted system of signs or characters that represent utterances in a given language…

Thus, it can be officially defined as a notation system for representing some level or levels of language form. The differences between such graphic signs and other forms of writing are large enough for some scholars to argue that they are not legal types of writing. These differences lie in the fact that the graphic signs are “motivated”, ie. visually suggest their meanings and that they express whole sentences, not single words. Other scholars would include signs such as writing, as they are the usual means of expressing a particular linguistic meaning….

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