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Temporary flex loans in Canada

Temporary flex loans in Canada

Need usage of cash that is fast? Save some time power having a short-term flex loan.

Then a short term flex loan could help if you need to get your hands on some fast cash. These loans tend to be for small amounts but provide more versatile terms than installment or payday advances. Discover what you must know about short-term flex loans, including the way they work and what you’ll need certainly to qualify.

What exactly are short-term flex loans?

Temporary flex loans are simply like regular installment loans, except they usually have more versatile terms. Dependent on your loan provider, you may have the ability to qualify more effortlessly, select your payment routine, top up your loan or pay less in interest in the long run.

Many brief term flex loans are unsecured, which means you don’t want to secure your instalments against a valuable asset (such as your house or car). In the downside, they’re often much smaller compared to traditional loans and include higher rates of interest.

Some lenders will do a credit check to make sure that you have a history of paying your debts off on time to process your application. Other lenders won’t need a credit check but will process the application predicated on your income.

Compare term that is short loans

Exactly just How are short term flex loans more versatile?

Short-term flex loans have range features that set them aside from your run-of-the-mill installment loan.

  • Easier approval. Loan providers may be more lenient with regards to eligibility demands and exactly how much you’re allowed to borrow.
  • Loan top-ups. In the event that you currently have a loan but require a bit more money, you might be in a position to top it up or get yet another loan through the exact same loan provider.
  • Less restrictions. You can find frequently less restrictions about what you should use your loan for (whereas you frequently have to utilize old-fashioned loans for a specific function).
  • Versatile re payment terms. You ought to be able to negotiate your own personal payment terms, including exactly how much and just how usually you need to spend.
  • Less charges. In your flex agreement, your loan provider might void their costs for loan set-up, belated re re re payments or very early payment.

Exactly just How are short-term flex loans distinctive from pay day loans?

Short term flex loans and payday advances are usually confused, nevertheless they involve some key distinctions that you need to be familiar with:

  • Loan amount. Payday advances are often below $2,500, while short term installment loans could be as much as $20,000 (and on occasion even more).
  • Repayment term. Year the length of payday loans is usually a couple of weeks to months, while for short term loans, it can be up to one.
  • Interest levels. You’re nearly guaranteed to pay for higher rates of interest on pay day loans than you’ll on a term loan that is short.
  • Earnings requirements. Payday advances might not need evidence of earnings while short term installment loans will frequently require you to prove that you’re employed and making over $12,000 each year.
  • Credit rating. Credit checks aren’t constantly needed for payday advances but temporary loan providers frequently request them (though there are “no credit check” short term installment loans).
  • Security. Short term installment loans usually are passed out by more reputable loan providers while you’re more prone to encounter predatory loan providers with pay day loans.

Positives and negatives


  • More versatile. These loans provide more arrangements that are flexible borrowers who don’t would you like to be tied up directly into a set-in-stone agreement.
  • Less interest. You may spend less interest considering that the term regarding the loan is faster (even though the rates of interest in many cases are greater).
  • Fast approval. It is easier to have approval since short term installment loans are often for much lower amounts than old-fashioned loans.
  • Fewer limitations. You can find typically less limitations on which you need to use your loan for.


  • High prices. You’ll pay interest that is high for short term installment loans considering that the loan provider will have to make more revenue in a faster time frame.
  • Small amounts. Many term that is short are for lower amounts (between $2,000 and $20,000 an average of), and you might battle to be eligible for more.
  • cashland Less time to pay for. You’ll have actually to help make bigger payments more than a reduced period of time to pay for your loan down within the time frame that is right.
  • More dangerous. If you’re borrowing on the web, you may have to be much more careful as some lenders utilize fraudulent or predatory financing techniques.

How exactly to submit an application for a short-term flex loan in Canada

For you, it’s time to apply if you’ve decided that a short term flex loan sounds like the right fit. To carry out therefore, you’ll need certainly to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Compare loan providers. You’ll wish to begin by selecting a loan provider to see just what their needs are. Search for a loan provider that provides the interest rates that are best and terms for the loan.
  2. Check always your credit rating. When your loan provider shall perform a credit check, you need to know your credit rating. You will find away your rating by applying through a credit bureau like Equifax or TransUnion.
  3. Show evidence of earnings. You should get the necessary documents together if you only need proof of income. These can add work documents, T4s and spend stubs.
  4. Fill in your application. As soon as your papers have been in purchase, you can easily use by completing an application online or in individual (and don’t forget to submit your ID to show your identification).

Important thing

Then you should check out a short term flex loan if you’re looking to take out a flexible loan that you can pay off quickly. Learn how to qualify and compare loan providers to obtain the right loan for you.