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At the HOTEL ! Elsa & Anna toddlers watch TV – Playing – Vacation Adventure

[Music] he’s jumping on the bed a little even though you can see a palm tree over there yeah cute goods to the beach just right now Bonnie like right now we’re taking this moment first we have to sila settle in with our luggages okay yeah all right let me cook my quiet snore well my hands are stuck so let’s take a look around the girls first oh look at this kitchen and they even they even put some food in some pots and pans for us yeah it looks so comfy yeah such a big TV screen whoa that painting is so amazing look it up it’s like an underwater adventure there relax Anya it’s just the painting I think I’m never gonna look at that painting ever ever again never in my whole life oh please all Yoho Jilly’s old fun all right let’s go to the bathroom and then our bedroom okay all right here’s the bathroom and whoa it’s so neat Katoch stick the window yeah and see over there that’s the ocean that’s where we’re gonna go up here nice miles whoa and look anything has a rubber rubber duckies so we can place it in the bathtub yeah rubber rubber duckie you’re speaking of bathtub look how pretty the bathtub is I didn’t notice it it does look really nice mm-hmm [Music] there’s some stuff for their hair so yellow cool and when I take a bubble bath I can see this nice view what a nice bathroom all right let’s go see our bedrooms now okay let’s go let’s go this way saw it online right yeah Oh beautiful people it has a rainbow door it was even a 410 throw for sale yeah I can see it’s right over there yeah hey it’s substance and look our view looks nice too I can see the ocean [Music] nice thinking like nights there oh when it’s nice really hot this light so it can light up the room yay we have a big closet here oh that’s a big it even includes a bath towel so that’s now I could put all my clothes there yet okay I was just resting come on is this really much fun to just sit and jump here I call the pink what I call the blue and you all saw some nice pink flowers here oh it’s so pretty with the lake in the pathway yeah and the beautiful palm trees and we also have a lamp in a drawer so we can keep all our jewelry and stuff not a cute nightstand well have a go is about t enough does it feel comfortable it’s not bouncy enough mommy so are you gonna have a good night’s sleep tonight here of course mommy’s so bouncy and so poufy alright while we get the luggages out before we go to the beach do you want to watch TV well of course we want to watch TV but before that one family bond liking Joffrey mama called the doctor and the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed might call the doctor if you get hurt okay well go watch TV but can we jump just for one minute okay one minute I’ll go start packing the luggage and now five four so now it’s four monkeys okay four little monkeys jumping on the bed one fell off and bumped his head mama called the doctor and the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed now it’s three monkeys but you don’t mind these jumping on the bed one fell off and bumped his head mama called the doctor and the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed pillows again the wrong pillow yeah well I hope this [Music] you look at spilt milk traveling’s are so funny what are you watching girls we’re watching shot nice well I’m happy to tell you that dinner’s almost ready so you can keep watching for about 5 minutes ok ok let’s see what else there [Music] I don’t want to watch myself when I touch that hot barbecue I want to see it so we can learn to never touch anything hot again now keep watching [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] we should never touch anything hot again of course now I don’t want to watch this anymore I think I I’ve learned my lesson I have an idea come over here it’s pretty cool here’s another one worth doing well on this putting sticker so we can jump on them see I have a whole sheet of stickers which one do you want to pick on how about pig cuz that’s my favorite color there put the pretty pink hat face hooray and now get another one this time I’m gonna choose yellow coming through a little blue take it off and stick there my little happy face and my young go happy face goes right beside LCS blue one well I’m ready with this orange one I’m gonna go get it they are and the last bigger oh right Lavanya now we have a big pass oh and it kind of looks like a snake yeah a big colorful snake so where should we start from how about from that end okay one two three four five jump on the blue jump on the pink jump on the orange jump on the blue it’s a long snake one two three four five six seven eight nine ten it’s so much fun counting a lot right yeah eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seven 18:19 what my manners ready book what is this what it’s pretty awesome right oh no it’s not awesome at all don’t you realize what you did you put stickers on the hotel room floor we can just take them off and we just wanted to hit a fun right I don’t think so it’s gonna be sticky it’s gonna be so hard to get off girls why did you do this well we were bored and our toys are are all in our luggages so we decided to put our to put the stickers over here and jump on that seat look I can’t get it off anymore it’s too sticky I I have to I don’t know what to do I need to get some sort of tool to scratch it off well we still think guys that it’s a good idea right Oh girls please please you don’t get to eat dinner until you take all of them off right now I’m sorry mommy yeah we’re sore okay I will help too because I’m really hungry and I really don’t have time for this yeah that’s right let’s start taking them off okay one let’s put them in a pile to get this sticker off see told you hmm I got this tool see if this helps with that look I did it good job sweetie I’m great I keep going stuck all right let’s hurry on in my tummy is hurting it’s kind of fun doing this because they always stick together yeah but now it’s sad that we all have to throw them in the garbage cuz they’re not sticky anymore come on girls eat fast so we can go to bed and wake up early for the beach tomorrow okay mommy [Music] but you did two mistakes today what is this look at all this milk I’m sorry mom too many silly things today you put stickers and I drop this milk yeah that’s right now we have to clean it or well the other thing that was LCS fault because she came up with that I see I don’t care what happened then I care about what’s happening now now we have to clean all this milk well it’s not only my fault yeah you’re right I’m sorry LC Apple will you still help me clean yes of course I will like wipe wipe over here there’s lots of milk over here a better way there mommy the dinner was good but now we’re sleepy yeah I understand I feel sleepy – all right well crawl into bed don’t you want to jump on the bed first no I’m too sleepy you’ll be so low yeah I’m sleepy too ah let’s see get nice and snug good night on you it made members sleep type we’re going to the beach tomorrow I think I can’t sleep even though it’s very sleeping all right good night I’ll see ya good night mommy good night see you in the morning and if you wake up earlier than us just come to our room to wake us up okay okay good night I’ll see ya dinner was good and what a day well this travel and I feel a bit sleepy and all the kids who did silly things today but at least me get to rest and now write Elsa yeah alright and this shoe might feet are sore a bit from those high heels all right 10 now ah this bed feels so good no wait I want to scooch it over here don’t worry you have plenty of space sauna I know Elsa did you fall asleep already oh she did fall asleep well I understand because it was a very long day today I better go to sleep hmm visit our channel and subscribe for more videos [Music]